The Cartoon God (thecartoongod) wrote in letsmakeagame,
The Cartoon God

Holy bajesus! An update!

Apologies for the radio silence for the past couple months, but the "team" and I were trying to hammer some things out. We've gotten the scripts for the cut scenes of the intro and the first mission drafted, we have about 8 character sketches, a basic battling and leveling system, a world map, a lot of the brainstorming things done in general. We also have someone who's going to whip together a website to chronical and display the process while we're working on it, complete with blog that anyone on the "team" can update with status reports and the like. You'll be able to see the character sketches and basic designs as they happen and be able to give some feedback. I'm not sure how soon that'll be happening, but here's hoping it's in the near future.

Anyway, to any potential 3D modelers who are intersted, we're going with the Steam Engine. Basically, you can make any of the characters you create enough to fit the bill as far as modeling specs for that (average poly count seems to be 3000-7500 with a texture size averave of 66 X 84 (hopefully that's right, but if it's not let me know)) but anything that will look good and still play fast is great. The style we're going for is a little cartoony (something kinda like Team Fortress 2 would be fantastic) if possible. Maybe even something bordering on cell-shading. Either way, if anyone is interested and has some free time, hit me up and I'll drop the link to the character sketches.
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