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And we're up!

Alrighty then. I have a programmer designing an engine for my RPG. As of now it's closed source because he's incredibly apprehensive about working with people from the net that he doesn't know. As such, I don't need any programmers right now. What I do need right now are the following:

Concept artists
3D modelers for characters, items, and levels
Anyone who wants to help with plot ideas

I have a small assortment of characters drawn and colored with Photoshop so if anyone is interested in helping drop me a line.

Now, I have to make one thing clear. This is for fun, but if you say you're gonna help then I expect you to help. And I don't mean working on it for 5 minutes a month. I understand that this is purely a volunteer thing and you all have lives. I'm not expecting you to drop everything and devote an assload of time to this project, but don't offer to help unless you have the time to do so.

The only other thing I would say is required would be either Yahoo or AIM chat programs. If not, at least check your e-mail more than once every couple weeks.

You can get a hold of me by either replying in here, e-mailing me at or finding me on AIM (ConfusitronOne) or Yahoo (gekko_gemini).
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