Etali Verto (etali) wrote in letsmakeagame,
Etali Verto

Hi all

Hi all

I've just come back to livejournal and am studying a games programming degree. Not doing anything fancy or complicated yet but thought I'd drop in here, say hi, and maybe get involved.

If there's anything I can lend my enthusiasm, if not experitse yet, to, I'd love to lend a hand.

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Yay! Welcome to the community!

There's not exactly anything going on at the moment because I can't seem to find anyone interested in working on stuff, but who can say what'll happen in the future.
Thanks thecartoongod :)

Well, count me in as long as you will take people still learning!

What kind of projects are you aiming to do?

I'm useless at graphics/sound, but code, coming up with ideas, and maybe dialogue if it's an RPG are things that I would be able to get stuck in with.