Code Toad (grover_rover2k) wrote in letsmakeagame,
Code Toad

Hello hello! :-D

I'm following Etali's example and am presenting myself!

You can call me grover for short -- I've graduated as a CS major with a minor in Art. Thought about going to Art school, but figured I'd need some money before continuing studies so here I am, working as a designer/developer/SE/admin/security consultant... Lots of hats to wear but thankfully, I usually don't end up wearing them at the same time.

I *luv* coding just as much as I luv 3D modeling. Truth is, though, I don't have much time on my hands during the week buuuuuuut -- if any of y'all have ideas and need somebody for a project, I'll do it on weekends :D Throw me anything, chances are I'll take it...

Peace out!
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