The Cartoon God (thecartoongod) wrote in letsmakeagame,
The Cartoon God

Well I'll be damned.

Two new people! Yay! I had all but given up hope that anyone would be interested in this thing, but here you've gone and proven me wrong. For that, I thank you.

There's not a whole heck of a lot going on currently. I just got a hold of a copy of Maya 5 (not the newest I know, but it'll do) to teach myself some modeling and the like. I've messed around with it some, but haven't actually started following the book.

As far as projects go, there isn't anything yet. I did however think of a rather fun concept that I think would be fun. Does anyone remember the original NES version of Spy vs. Spy? Well, I'd like to make a 3D version. Of course the characters are copyrighted so we can't really use them (or call the game Spy vs. Spy) but that's essentially what I'd like to see. I just thought of this the other day so I don't really have any real ideas more than what you can probably picture from the original game, but let me know what your thoughts on the idea are.
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